The Car of Your Dreams Is Within Reach

Set your wheels in motion and buy the car you’ve been dreaming about with an auto loan from Genesis Bank. All our new and used car loans come standard with competitive, low rates.

Auto Loan Features & Benefits

  • Easy application process
  • Decisions usually in 5 minutes or less
  • Discounts for military members
  • Free CARFAX® Report with approval

New & Used Car Loan Rates

Loan Type Up to 36 mos. APR as low as 37-60 mos. APR as low as 61-72 mos. APR as low as 73-84 mos. APR as low as 85-96 mos. APR as low as
New Vehicle 2.99% 3.69% 3.99% 5.39% 6.29%
Late Model Used Vehicle 3.29% 3.99% 4.79% N/A N/A
Used Vehicle 3.99% 4.29% 5.29% N/A N/A
Rates as of September 15, 2019 ET.

Used Vehicles: 2017 and older model years or any model year with over 30,000 miles.
Late Model Used Vehicles: Year models 2018, 2019 and 2020 with 7,500-30,000 miles.

Home Loan Features to Fit Your Needs

We have a loan option for you and special features to make sure you get a great deal on it.
  • Freedom Lock
  • VA Loan expertise
  • Loans with no down payment
  • No PMI required

Rates & Loans Options

VA Loans

Available exclusively to eligible servicemembers, veterans and their spouses, VA Loans are backed by the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Interest rate as low as
APR as low as
Down payment
10- to 30-year

Military Choice

Ideal choice for servicemembers, reservists and veterans who have already exhausted their VA loan benefit.
Interest rate as low as
APR as low as
Down payment
16- to 30-year

Conventional Fixed Rate

A great choice for buyers who want a stable monthly mortgage payment.
Interest rate as low as
APR as low as
Down payment
10- to 30-year

Homebuyers Choice

Available to qualified buyers with no down payment required.
Interest rate as low as
APR as low as
Down payment
16- to 30-year

FHA Loans

Insured by the Federal Housing Administration and ideal for buyers looking for easier qualification and a low down payment option.
Interest rate as low as
APR as low as
Down payment
10- to 30-year

Adjustable Rate Mortgages

These loans begin with a low fixed interest rate for the initial term and then adjust according to an index.
Interest rate as low as
APR as low as
Down payment
10- to 30-year
5/5 Conforming ARM Payment Example

Loan Amount: $250,000 Term: 30 years

Year Interest Rate APR Monthly Payment
1-5 2.625% 3.484% $1,004.13
6-30 3.375% 3.484% $1,090.22
Taxes and insurance not included; therefore, the actual payment obligation will be greater.


Traditional IRAs are potentially tax-deferred retirement plans; you don't pay taxes on your contributions until you withdraw the funds. Contributions can be made as long as you have earned income and you're below the age of 70½.
Yearly Contribution Limits
Tax Year Under 50 Age 50 and Over
2019 $6,000 $7,000
Contribution Deadlines
Current tax year: Dec. 31, 2019
Prior tax year: April 15, 2019
If you're covered by a retirement plan at work, use this table to determine if your income affects the amount of your deduction.  
Income Limits for Tax Deductions
Income for Married Filing Joint Income for Single Filer Deductibility
$103,000 or less $64,000 or less Contribution is 100% tax-deductible
Between $103,000 and $123,000 Between $64,000 and $74,000 A portion of your contribution is tax-deductible
$123,000 or more $74,000 or more Your contribution isn't tax-deductible

Personal Loan

Depending on your income and credit history, Genesis Bank has an option to fit your unique needs and may even be able to deposit funds directly into your checking or savings account. Rates differ based on creditworthiness.
APR as low as
8.19 - 18.00%
for up to 36 months
14.79 - 18.00%
for 37 to 60 months
15.29 - 18.00%
for 61 to 180 months
  • $50,000 maximum loan amount for terms of up to 60 months
  • Terms of greater than 60 months available for home improvement. Must apply through a representative. $25,000 minimum loan amount for terms of 61 to 84 months and $30,000 minimum loan amount for terms of 85 to 180 months.

Business Loans

Genesis Bank offers a wide variety of loans, as well as great Business Services advisors who can help you make the best choice for your business.

Secured & Unsecured Term Loans

Your business has room to grow, and Genesis Bank has term loans to fit your financial needs.
  • Working capital financing
  • Equipment purchases
  • Leasehold improvements
  • SBA loans for startup and/or less-tenured businesses
  • No prepayment penalties

Commercial Vehicle Loans

Get your business rolling in the right direction with a commercial vehicle loan from Genesis Bank.
  • Competitive rates
  • Up to 80% financing on qualified vehicles
  • Vehicles must be titled in the business' name
  • No prepayment penalties

Business Lines of Credit

Let us help you with your short-term financial needs.
  • Overdraft protection for your business checking
  • Bridge gaps between accounts receivable and accounts payable

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Genesis Bank can help you be your own landlord.
  • Commercial-use properties of all types
  • Variety of repayment terms
  • No prepayment penalties

Investment Property Loans

Reap the rewards of an investment property loan from Genesis Bank.
  • Low interest rates
  • Variety of repayment terms
  • Standard mortgage practices applied
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Property titled in inpidual name
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